Culinair Amerika in 120 woorden

doggy box“Hello there, how’re you doin’? I’m Sabrina; I’m your waitress today. Please let me remind you that we have free refills of all our hot and soft drinks. How may I help you?”
“Good afternoon Sabrina, I’m fine, thank you. I’d like to order lunch. Let’s see, I’ll have the lemon tilapia with green rice, coleslaw and spinach. And a white Californian whine please.”
Binnen vijf minuten arriveert mijn bestelling. Wijn in een plastic bekertje.
“Thank you Sabrina,” zeg ik, en terwijl ik wijs op het overvolle bord voor me, “it looks very nice, but it’s far too much for me.”
“Oh, don’t worry ma’am,” zegt Sabrina vriendelijk, “if you can’t finish it, I can box it up for you.”