Thursday Challenge ‘spring’ (voorjaar)


Thema deze week is ‘spring’ (lente) en wat is er lenteriger in Nederland dan de bollen in volle bloei?

This week’s theme is ‘spring’ and for Holland I know nothing more characteristic than bulbfields in full bloom.


Ook meedoen?

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  1. Prachtig gezicht al die bloemen, al die verschillende kleuren en toch een mooi geheel, ik weet dat we het in Nederland hebben, maar raar genoeg ben ik nog nooit daar geweest, terwijl de nodige buitenlanders er al vaker geweest zijn, zoveel moois in eigen land en dan toch vaak iets over de grens zoeken….

    Fijn weekend,

  2. marina – Northeast, Virginia Beach, VA, USA – Born in Italy, in a town at the foot of the Alps, on lake Como, I moved to the USA after marrying a US service man. I absolutely love animals and nature. I think our purpose here on the planet is to learn (and teach) to be in harmony with our surroundings. I like art and music (classic rock, particularly). I like digitally animated movies as I admire and appreciate the work in them. I enjoy funny movies. I think laughing is great and it should be done daily. “Il riso fa buon sangue” is an Italian saying literally translated into “laughter makes good blood”. I have been drawing and painting since I could hold a pencil and a brush. I have always had a fascination with blank books, art supplies, pens, pencils and papers. I like nice stationary, high-quality journals and notebooks. I particularly like fountain pens and Moleskine notebooks. I rather buy one of those than a pair of shoes. But I digress…
    marina schreef:

    wow!!! amazing colorful photos!!!

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